Women. EQUALITY. Justice.



THE JUDGE provides rare insight into Shari’a law, an often-misunderstood legal framework for Muslims, told through the eyes of the first woman judge to be appointed to the Middle East’s religious courts.


THE JUDGE is also available for purchase on-demand.

In its engaging fashion it strikes one inspirational note after another as its follows an ambitious, tough-minded and cheerful social revolutionary
— The Hollywood Reporter
The film showcases Faqih’s tireless fight for justice for women, while illuminating universal domestic conflicts including child custody, divorce and spousal abuse.
— The Guardian
[Judge Kholoud] emerges as someone who’s no threat to religious law, but who’s a real problem for patriarchy.
— New York Times
The Judge is packed tight; it’s enlightening and suspenseful and paced for maximum enjoyment.
— Village Voice
The documentary is an inspiration to women...
— Gayle MacDonald, The Globe
The Judge is, like its namesake, defiantly upbeat
It’s impossible not to be impressed by Kholoud Al-Faqih
— Variety